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milling crowd

a city full of ppl

ignorant of odr’s presence

….a milling crowd

lots many faces but none familiar

seem all alike

…where exactly s my own blanket

caring,protective n mine,only mine

who shines at d altar…a guidin lite

commoners fear God to abide by him

may b he sent me his own customized version

wen he sent my elder brother

….to d world,to live as n among commoners

2 b my guiding lite at d  altar n dat 2 forever….

sumtymes he s a teacher,firm n strict

bt snt he  sooo much fun 2 b wid

for him m d “sweetest girl ever”

wat if he calls me idiot n innocent

i kno i luv him sooo much

……..i also try to act lik him

wen i m in doubt,i kno he s rite

a familiar face in d milling crowd!

……… elder brother..



hv ya evr inhaled rain drenched soil?

hv ya evr been 2 a lush green,misty forest?

den probably u kno hw much d leaves gleam,

den probably u kno wat i mean…..

d breeze sweeps ovr d vast,blue ocean,

n carries wid t d cmplete world epic!

o boy! m gettin soo “typically poetic”,

bt cnt help t wen d beauty tslf s soo exotic!

yeah lyf tself s mortal,

…bt nt d laughter n d memories,

d rain tryin hard 2 drench me bt i got a dif plan….

njoyin d swings of btful lyf n liv t as much as i cn 🙂


“my faith”

v shud c d garden much btr now,

if v cud get on d hill top,

n here s a path dat leads,

straight to it atleast,

but no,it doesnt do dat,

but v suppose it wil atlast,

but how curiously it TWISTS…..

well den v wil keep tryin,

coz v have “faith”!! 🙂


we all are “JUGGLERS”:)

yeah yeah u read dat correct first time.i mean it seriously.naaji naa dere s no spellin mistake either!!!!!!:)………everytime everywere v r tryin to strike a cord to reach a balanced state amidst all d commotion n dilemma!

                                    tk me for instance…wen i sat to pen down dis post , i thot bout cumin wid a poetic version of ma<sorry piyush!u may read dat as “my” instead:)>thots but den i cnsidered –“wat will ma readers think dat i hv only dis poetic bend of mind!!!!!” …NO    WAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….in dis era of “versatility” i cnt afford dis penalty!…..but wait a second….may b a second poem wil establish a sense of expertise;)……WHO CARES????…………..finally ma jugglin mind decided to settl for dis post…………………….

                                 lets ride in d time machine n reach dat pt of lyf wen v were in k.g. and ahem ahem teacher’s words were law,d ultimate truth…..”sun rises in d east kinda”……….d ultimate verdict! bt den slowly v learnt dat NOOOOOOOOOO honesty snt “actually” d best policy n may b all dose practice l only mk u perfect in travelin n nt reachin ur destinatn;)…………………..again d mind over mattr discretion n v settld down 4 a jugglin act instead.

                yes yes yes,v obey d moral edu n teachers preachin religsly bt a slight modificatn in 1 rule ovr d odr s nooo sin!!!!!!!!!!!!!”v hvta b practical too …u rnt wrong dear”…..comes d typical room-mate consolation;)

soooo dear readers , since u hv tkn pain to go through al dese lines<although ur jugglin mind may had suggestd u 2 go at d end -giv a bful comment n ftr dis impressiv attendnce -head bk to ur “social networkin site”:)> i wanna giv dis modest advice…………

no matr hw focused v r,v may find a jealous colleague,a torturous job<god!!!!!!raghu of roadies fame s soo lucky to spit wat he feels lik;)>,a snorin room mate,a fat boss who knows only how 2 tk credit 4 ur work,a stupid girlfren,an airy boyfren,a naggin wife, a clumsy hubby,ailin world…………….bt v hvta surviv v shud learn how 2 juggl hw to find a balance ,how 2 surviv n dat too gracefully…………….

………..wait a secnd -my jugglin mind advisin me sumthin …..ok i got t—-may b to impress u all i shud again juggle between dis article n ma poems n here goes d  finl verdict:-

“a whole new world

donn u dare close ur eyes

a hundred thousand things to c

hold ur breath-it may get btr……..”

                   …..may b now i cn b called “A CERTIFIED JUGGLER“!!!!!!!:)            


crack of dawn

..dis s ma first post in dis blog n “crack of dawn” seemed apt to pen down as t gives a tinge of optimism n even its sole crack of dawn gives positivity[:)]…………

When the sun has set,

lights switched off,
I feel myself casted over

by a spell……
This situation is

a unique feeling,
I feel protected

by judging your presence….
waiting for
the crack of dawn
The star-studded sky

signals me something,
And I,all alone on the grass,

begin talking………
I poured out

all my inner depression,
To share,with whom,

I was really walking!
waiting for
the crack of dawn
God!I have

faith in you,
In you,I have pinned

my trust…………
Whenever I feel

you are hearing,
At once,out

 my sadness bursts………
waiting for
the crack of dawn

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