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milling crowd

a city full of ppl

ignorant of odr’s presence

….a milling crowd

lots many faces but none familiar

seem all alike

…where exactly s my own blanket

caring,protective n mine,only mine

who shines at d altar…a guidin lite

commoners fear God to abide by him

may b he sent me his own customized version

wen he sent my elder brother

….to d world,to live as n among commoners

2 b my guiding lite at d  altar n dat 2 forever….

sumtymes he s a teacher,firm n strict

bt snt he  sooo much fun 2 b wid

for him m d “sweetest girl ever”

wat if he calls me idiot n innocent

i kno i luv him sooo much

……..i also try to act lik him

wen i m in doubt,i kno he s rite

a familiar face in d milling crowd!

……… elder brother..



hv ya evr inhaled rain drenched soil?

hv ya evr been 2 a lush green,misty forest?

den probably u kno hw much d leaves gleam,

den probably u kno wat i mean…..

d breeze sweeps ovr d vast,blue ocean,

n carries wid t d cmplete world epic!

o boy! m gettin soo “typically poetic”,

bt cnt help t wen d beauty tslf s soo exotic!

yeah lyf tself s mortal,

…bt nt d laughter n d memories,

d rain tryin hard 2 drench me bt i got a dif plan….

njoyin d swings of btful lyf n liv t as much as i cn 🙂


d other side still has d greener grass!!

Winters.A gr8 ambience.Fog,cold waves n sumtymes mist………..It s durin such a tym dat v realize dat “survival” s foremost of all…d rest of d wrk cn b delayed indefntly.

n v miss sunlyt as if v really cn photosynthesize!! :)…..

Hw much v wait 4 summers durin winters n 4 winters durin summers……….indeed,d other side stil hs d greener grass

we r amng d few “choosen ones” who r waitin 4 our DOJ.

Inactivity n void.

V want 2 b employed by TCS asap.but m sure 1ce v r dere v wil crave 4 holidays,v wil want 2 cm bk 2 dese days of our lyf.

HUMAN MIND s really a cmplex 1.

Bt den as “timbaland” tunes in his song “long way down“:

…..”d other side still has d greener grass”!!!

…..v shud keep our fingers crossed n njoy d moment 🙂



while i was sitting idle

accompanyin me ws a moment sumwat blank…….

i as doin absolutely nthin

wid all reviews,recaps d memories sank………

i began thinkin bout a kiddish act

wen v used 2 make spl note……….

on ppl who r in our goodbuks

wid dis i began my own anecdote………..

i thot bout al dose ppl

generous enuf 2 bring tranquility……….

nowhere else in dis world

i cn find dat hypotenuse,dat care,dat sanctity………..

i want 2 echo my thanks

n shout aloud 2 tel em m grateful……………..

dey hv provided me a cocoon

of safety n affection,makin me more thotful………

curiosity,wonder n all efforts

seem minute wen v find our spiritual search………

life s humorous,funny n wierd

all hurdles vanish wen v get our birch

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